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Recycle Batteries at the Curb or at City Hall

Single-family residents in the RethinkWaste service area (including Redwood City) can conveniently recycle household batteries and cell phones at the curb. BE SURE to look at Recology’s website at for instructions.

And…you can also recycle these items at City Hall in Redwood City! We’ve set up a couple of bins in the lobby at City Hall (1017 Middlefield Road) so that you can bring your old household batteries (NOT car batteries!) and old cell phones for recycling. Recology will periodically pick them up for appropriate disposition – keeping them out of the landfill. The heavy metals or toxic components of batteries such as cadmium, nickel, zinc, mercury, manganese, lead and lithium are separated and recycled. Cell phones are reused or recycled.

Batteries and cell phones are now classified as Universal Waste and are banned from disposal with garbage and must be handled properly. They both contain toxic materials such as arsenic, lead, cadmium, mercury and many other materials that threaten human health and the environment.

For information on how and where to recycle other materials, please visit and


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