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Be a Redwood City Community Preservation Volunteer – get trained & help with code enforcement, outreach activities, more

Redwood City’s Community Preservation Volunteer program, now in its third successful year, is seeking additional interested and committed community members to help beautify and improve neighborhoods and business areas.

This volunteer program has resulted in over 1,000 volunteer hours helping Redwood City’s Building and Inspection division with community preservation projects. Applications are available by calling (650) 780-7351 or by emailing Volunteer training and program implementation will take place from April to September, and the deadline to apply for participation is Wednesday, April 6th.

Volunteer training includes riding along with Building and Inspection staff, and developing an understanding of the policy and procedure manuals for the department. After training, volunteers help Code Enforcement officers with specific case work and participate in outreach to the community. As a volunteer your duties would include responding to inquiries regarding abandoned cars and rubbish clean up, participating with an officer on sign ordinance enforcement for business owners, or performing important clerical and office related duties. You can also assist at the front counter at City Hall, provide follow-up to code enforcement cases and complaints, assist officers with preliminary investigations of non-health and safety code violations, and handle graffiti reporting, abandoned shopping cart reporting, and special community projects.

For volunteers or those community members who would simply like to learn more about how Redwood City’s Code Enforcement program works, the City will be conducting quarterly information/education workshops on subjects such as the City’s business sign ordinance, nuisance trash, and more. Scheduling information will be available online at


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