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Lots of ways to communicate online with your community & with Redwood City

You may already know that Redwood City’s Parks Department and Library are tweeting on Twitter, where you can get quick, short updates and connections to more information. But did you know that you can also get Redwood City’s daily enews blasts via Twitter? And, you can join your neighbors online via GoGoVerde, the City’s neighbor-to-neighbor social network.

We send out one and sometimes two enews blasts a day to email subscribers, containing updates on activities, information on events, meetings and workshops, opportunities to get involved…lots of interesting and useful stuff. And now, it’s available via Twitter.

Redwood City Enews:

Redwood City Events:

Redwood City Library:

And don’t forget, you can join your neighbors on Redwood City’s geographically-based, neighbor-to-neighbor social network, powered by GoGoVerde, where you can:

• Announce events and share neighborhood news

• Recommend services like plumbers, piano teachers, and painters

• Borrow home repair tools and gardening equipment from your neighbors

• Share extra homegrown fruit and vegetables with your neighbors

• Report a missing pet

• Find a babysitter in your neighborhood

Communicate, interact, share, talk…join your neighbors online! GoGoVerde is free, and it’s provided in partnership with the City of Redwood City. To get started, go to, and enter “Redwood City” to access your neighborhood’s network. Not sure which neighborhood you’re in? Find it at

Take a look at these great ways to communicate with each other and with Redwood City – and please spread the word to your friends and neighbors to get social!


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