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What’s “Shelf Reading?” Find Out by Volunteering at Your Library!

I want to encourage you to volunteer for Library Cleanup Days – help keep your Redwood City Libraries in great shape! 

Did you know that the Redwood City Library system has been recognized as the BEST library in the Bay Area, of any size? One reason is our great volunteers, and you can help maintain that high standard by participating in the Library’s quarterly cleanup days. These fun volunteer opportunities include “shelf reading” (ensuring books on the shelves are in the correct order), cleaning children’s book covers, and pulling ripped or damaged books from our shelves.

It’s so easy to volunteer – locations vary depending on where you’d like to volunteer, and which libraries have the most need. You can also choose the hours, as long as they’re between 10 am and 5 pm. We do ask for a minimum of four hours in order to really make the most of your valuable volunteer time.

Call to arrange the best time and location for your volunteer work as part of a quarterly Library cleanup day!


Choose your preferred four hours between 10 AM and 5 PM

For more Information please contact Jenny Davis, Redwood City Public Library, 650-780-7046,

And visit your Library’s website at

See other Redwood City volunteer opportunities by visiting, and sort by “Volunteering”


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