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Roy Cloud School Theater Performance of “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist” – get tickets now!

Adventures of a Comic Book Artist
Presented by Roy Cloud School and San Carlos Children’s Theater

Roy Cloud students and the PTA team up with the San Carlos Children’s Theater to perform three great shows that are guaranteed to entertain!

This year’s full-stage production brings to our local Redwood City community, “Adventures of a Comic Book Artist,” where hysterical singing superheroes and dancing villains come to life in this action-packed musical spoof of the comic book genre.

As the janitor at Wonder Comics, Stanley Leonardo Sappovitz wants nothing more than to become a comic book artist and create heroes and villains for the comic books he loves so much. The action develops as a set of magic pens brings the villains and superheroes that Stanley draws to life — charismatic but egotistical Star Guy, speedy Triple Time, environmentally correct Blossom, and cranky little Wombat Woman. Stanley’s heroes battle Dr. Shock Clock and his henchmen, the Minotos. Who will save the day?

Join the adventure and get your tickets online at or in the office and on campus – available now! Shows are April 1st at 7 pm and April 2nd at 1 & 7 pm at McKinley School Auditorium, 400 Duane Street.


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