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“One Marina” Project Getting Underway – First Step is Detour of Bair Island Road

The first phase of work on the One Marina project includes a detour of Bair Island Road, and is scheduled to begin on April 1. This may not affect you if you don’t drive on Bair Island Road, but in case you do, here is the info.

One Marina is a 231-unit waterfront residential project including three community parks, a 14 acre marina basin, a waterfront esplanade along Redwood Creek, an inner village walk, and siting for up to 200 hotel rooms and up to 10,000 square feet of retail use. It’s located on a 33-acre property at 650 Bair Island Road.

As part of the project, Bair Island Road has been approved for substantial upgrades including the installation of a new round-a-bout, a two directional separated bike path, a pedestrian sidewalk shaded by street trees and equipped with pedestrian scale lighting.

The first phase of work starting Friday April 1 entails rebuilding a section of Bair Island Road, including a temporary detour. Here is the initial schedule: 

•           Mobilize equipment – April 1, 2011

•           Install 20” water line under Highway 101 – mid-April

•           Build a detour south of Bair Island Road at the project site and re-routing traffic onto the detour – by second week of April

•           Rebuild existing Bair Island Road (utility placement, improvements/upgrades, etc.) – start by third week of April

•           Re-route traffic onto “new” Bair Island Road – this fall, at end of estimated eight months of construction 

The construction of the initial set of buildings is expected to commence in mid-2011.

To keep the community informed as the construction of the project takes place, the City maintains an informational web page at


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