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Take the “Drive Less Challenge” – Friendly Competition to Reduce Solo Car Use, Cut Carbon Emissions

Take the 2011 Drive Less Challenge!
April 22nd – May 5th, 2011

We all have a role in protecting our climate, especially when it comes to reducing car travel, the largest source of carbon emissions on the Peninsula.  The Drive Less Challenge is a fun way to start by leaving your car behind to take alternative transport to work, school, shopping or your other local destinations.  Sign up now at

Participants use an on-line, game-like trip log to compete with friends, neighbors, and co-workers – or just challenge themselves – by taking a bus, train, carpool, bike or just walking to your destination. 

We all win by reducing our community’s greenhouse gas footprint so please join us on the Drive Less Challenge 2011, and see how much you and your communities can do to keep the earth cool! 

You can also sign up to sponsor, volunteer or participate by emailing

Now in its 3rd year (and new to Redwood City this year), the Drive Less Challenge continues as a friendly social competition to reduce solo car trips. It includes a 2-week contest starting on Earth Day, April 22nd, 2011 and ending with an awards celebration in May.

The Drive Less Challenge is combating climate change by catalyzing change in local transportation behavior. Participants log their daily trips with encouragement from their social networks to reduce the amount of solo driving while increasing the use of alternatives like cycling, walking, transit, and carpool. Participants can compete for prizes provided by local businesses to encourage local shopping.

The Drive Less Challenge is also seeking grants from corporations and organization with a local presence and interest in reducing carbon emissions by changing transportation habits in our communities. Can your company or organization become a sponsor? Sponsors will enjoy:

  • Participation – promoting participation in the DLC by people in your organization
  • Publicity – publishing the DLC on your web sites, newsletters, etc.
  • Prizes – gift certificates of $8 – $25 each
  • Funding – tax deductible contribution. This year we are again looking for several major donors in the $1000 to $5000 range and many smaller donations to reach our goal.

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