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Library’s KinderCard Program a Huge Success – Nearly 500 Library Cards Given to Kindergartners

I wanted to share with you a really nice success story about Redwood City’s KinderCard program, which aims to provide every new kindergartner with their own library card.

The Library Foundation, which sponsors the program, held a “SuperSaturday” celebration on March 12, upon the completion of this year’s KinderCard program. More than 1,200 kindergartners and parents participated, visiting, celebrating, and browsing the Children’s Room at the Downtown Library – the most successful KinderCard SuperSaturday ever!

Here are some other remarkable statistics:

  • 56 kindergarten classrooms were visited by a librarian during this year’s program, with 1,680 kindergartners receiving a library card application
  • A total of nearly 500 new library cards were issued during the entire KinderCard program
  • 30 new library cards were given out in a single hour at the SuperSaturday event
  • 317 goodie bags were given away on KinderCard Super Saturday, each including a free book
  • It was getting so crowded in the Children’s Room that staff quickly moved the puppet show to the larger Community Room and added impromptu story times to keep the throngs entertained
  • Ella and Annie (two very attentive dogs from the Paws for Tales reading program) listened to nearly 50 kids read them stories
  • Entertainer Chiquy Boom did an impromptu training of our teen volunteers to learn to make balloon animals – and made over 150 balloon animals herself
  • Clifford the Big Red Dog made a surprise appearance to the delight of everyone!

The KinderCard Program is an annual Library program that works to ensure every kid in a Redwood City kindergarten – public and private – gets a library card. It’s really proven to help young kids develop an early love of reading and learning, and to understand that the Library is a great place.

I hope you share in our pride at this, the biggest KinderCard SuperSaturday event ever!


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