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Two Redwood City Police Officers Honored for Outstanding Service to the Community

The Redwood City Police Department congratulates Officer Perry Garcia and Officer Ryan Adler for being the 2010 recipients of the Police Service Award and Police Heroism Award sponsored by the Peninsula Council of Lions Clubs.

The Awards were presented on Friday, April 1st at the 46th Annual Police and Firefighter Awards Banquet which celebrates the outstanding work of these officers for the benefit of the citizens of the City of Redwood City.

Peninsula Council of Lions Service Award Recipient – Officer Perry Garcia
Officer Perry Garcia has been a dedicated volunteer instructor for the Redwood City Police Activities League (PAL) Karate Program since 1999. During his 11-year tenure, Officer Garcia volunteered over 2,400 hours and helped to mentor over 700 at-risk and potentially at-risk youth in the program. Officer Garcia believed the study of Karate could instill concentration, focus, confidence, respect and humility in local youth who might otherwise not have the opportunity to develop these valuable qualities. Many of his students competed in both local and regional tournaments, and the program successfully graduated 8 black belts along with numerous brown belts. Officer Garcia’s personal commitment to at-risk youth in Redwood City is a positive and lasting connection not only him, but also to the Redwood City Police Department. 

Peninsula Council of Lions Heroism Award Nominee – Officer Ryan Adler
On April 14th 2010, Officer Ryan Adler responded to a call of a 9 year-old child choking and not breathing. When Officer Adler arrived at the scene, he found the child had gone into a state of unconsciousness. Officer Adler administered the Heimlich maneuver and was ultimately able to expel the obstruction to the child’s airway which restored the child’s breathing. The child was transported to the hospital, but made a full recovery thanks to Officer Adler’s quick actions that helped save the life of this 9 year-old child.


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