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3 Workshops – Prepare Yourself for Homeownership (Credit Repair; Debt Reduction; Money Management)

Here is information about three very informative workshops being hosted by Habitat for Humanity – Prepare Yourself for Homeownership. Please read below, and feel free to pass along to anyone you feel might be interested.

~ malcolm


Habitat for Humanity Homeownership Workshops

Credit Repair – April 20, 2011
Debt Reduction – April 27, 2011
Money Management – May 4, 2011

All workshops are 6 – 7:30 pm, and take place at the Police Activities League Community Center, 3399 Bay Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

What is holding you back from buying the home of your dreams? Habitat for Humanity’s Homebuyer Readiness Program will help you identify and resolve the obstacles getting in your way. Our upcoming workshops will prepare you for homeownership by addressing three of the most common roadblocks: bad credit, high debt, and poor money management.

Take advantage of Habitat’s three upcoming workshops and get ready for homeownership opportunities in Redwood City.

For more information contact Lydia Lopez, Homebuyer Readiness Program, ad 415-625-1012

Workshops sponsored in part by AT&T, CITI, and Oracle.


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