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FREE Home Energy Audit – Save Energy/Water, Save $$, Help Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

As we get fully into spring, it’s the perfect time to remind you about a great way for your household to save energy, water, and money – get a FREE Home Energy Audit!

Redwood City and Acterra ( are partnering to bring the FREE Green@Home program to our community! This great program brings trained local volunteers to your home to install simple energy-saving devices, give you tips and ideas for saving energy and water, and create an easy home energy conservation plan for YOUR home.

In just one short visit, the Green@Home volunteers will offer these great energy-saving upgrades:

• Install three compact fluorescent light bulbs
• Optimize water heater and refrigerator temperatures
• Install faucet aerators and low flow showerheads
• Install up to five outlet or light switch gaskets
• Measure energy draw of home electronics
• Provide and install a retractable clothesline
• Provide a powerstrip for home electronics

You’ll also get a comprehensive checklist of more steps you can take including no-cost, low-cost, moderate cost, and more significant investments in energy efficiency.

Sign up for your FREE home energy audit today – for more information and to sign up for your FREE Home Energy Audit go to and click on the “Request a Free HouseCall” button OR call 650-962-9876 x350 / For information on Redwood City’s environmental initiatives visit

It’s all part of Redwood City Verde – making it easy to go green!


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