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Redwood City Police Add New Online Tool for the Community – Traffic Accident Police Reports Online

The Redwood City Police Department is really enhancing its online tools – the latest one is a service providing community members with the ability to obtain their traffic accident police reports online, offering enhanced efficiency and cost-effectiveness for the Department and convenience for the community and the insurance industry. Up until now people would need to come to the Police Department in person to obtain the accident report but with this new online service at “www.PoliceReports.US,” you can order, print and purchase those reports from any computer. This new tool makes it convenient and easy to obtain a report any time of day or night; however, community members will still be able to obtain their reports in person if they prefer. The availability of accident reports online is the first step toward the goal of increasing the availability of other crime reports via the Internet.

Accident reports filed as of May 1, 2011 (for accidents on or after that date) will be available through this new service, by going to and clicking on the Police Reports Online link. The person requesting a report will need to have their case number (most often this is provided by the police officer at the scene taking the report), the date, and their last name. Once the report is identified, it can be viewed and paid for using a credit or debit card.

Read more about this and other cost-effective technologies that the Redwood City Police Department is implementing at .


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