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Become a Clean Air Advocate – 1-800-EXHAUST or to Report Smoking Vehicles

Here is some great info from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District – and if today’s heat is any indication, we really need to pay attention to reducing air pollution from smoking vehicles! Please read on – and visit for more info.

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Freshen the Air with Spare the Air’s 1-800-EXHAUST program

Pledge to use 1-800-EXHAUST (1-800-394-2878) to report smoking vehicles and you can help keep our air fresh and healthy. Reporting is easy, free and anonymous: you’ll need the license plate, time and date, and location of the sighting. Owners of the reported vehicles are not fined, instead they will get a letter with financial assistance information to help them repair or retire their vehicle. It’s a win-win! As smoking vehicles produce up to 15 times more air pollution than well-maintained vehicles, every report matters. You can also make reports by emailing or online at

Join the many Clean Air Advocates in the Bay Area that have pledged to keep their communities’ air clean and healthy by using 1-800-EXHAUST. As part of the 1-800-EXHAUST program, you’ll help care for the health of your loved ones and preserve our region’s environment for generations to come.

Quick Tip: Put the 1-800-EXHAUST (1-800-394-2878) hotline in your cell phone so you’re always ready.


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