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City works with developers to provide quality housing for various income levels; 885 Woodside has 6 units

You may be interested to know that when developers seek to build multi-family housing here, the City strongly encourages and negotiates with them to assure that some of the units are affordable, or “below-market-rate” (BMR). This is an important aspect of helping to provide quality housing in our community, at various income levels. It’s one way of addressing our “jobs-housing imbalance” where the high cost of housing makes it very difficult for many people to work here and afford to live here.

The City has helped to provide for the availability of affordable housing units in a number of developments in Redwood City, including the Franklin Street Apartments, Villa Montgomery, City Center Plaza, Habitat for Humanity townhomes on Rolison Road, and the Wyndham Place condominiums. And in the near future, we’ll be seeing affordable units at the new One Marina project on Bair Island Road, and affordable, special-needs supportive housing on Cedar Street, both of which are just starting construction.

Today, I wanted to let you know that there are six “moderate” BMR rental units available at the 885 Woodside Road project. Please call 650-365-0885 for details and information about applying for one of these units. I’ve attached a PDF of the flyer for that building.

What does affordable mean? In the 885 Woodside Road development (and understanding the high cost of living in the Bay Area), these six affordable units are priced to be available to households earning up to 120% of the area median income, which equates to $1,890/month for a 1 bedroom and $2,370/month for a 2 bedroom apartment. That means to qualify for one of these units, for a household of two people, your annual income can be no more than $95,450. You can get full information by calling 885 Woodside staff at 650-365-0885.

Overall, housing prices are still sky-high in the Bay Area, making the City’s work to help provide for affordable housing an important factor for a lot of people. For more information about Redwood City’s housing programs, please visit or call 780-7299.


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