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National Historic Preservation Month–Tour of Historic Union Cemetery, Downtown Historic Walking Tour, and more

May is National Historic Preservation Month –  “Celebrating America’s Treasures” – sponsored annually by the National Trust for Historic Preservation and locally by Redwood City’s Historic Resources Advisory Committee.

Redwood City is participating with a proclamation by the Mayor, a Union Cemetery Historic Site tour, a Downtown historic walking tour, and the Path of History information kiosk/sculpture (plus walking tours of historic sites for 700 school kids!). The community is invited to join in the celebration of Redwood City’s history! 

  • Union Cemetery Historic Site Tour, Saturday, May 14th 10 am: tour meets at the 1859 cemetery, located on Woodside Road, near El Camino Real. The Union Cemetery serves as a permanent archive of San Mateo County’s history. Recorded on stone are the rich and colorful lives of many pioneer families – including more than 40 Civil War veterans who are buried in the old soldiers’ plot established by the Grand Army of the Republic.
  • Downtown Historic Walking Tour, Sunday, May 15th, 10:30 am: tour meets in front of Lathrop House at 627 Hamilton Street. The tour will last approximately one-and-a-half hours and will include most of Redwood City’s historic commercial buildings as well as some historic residential properties. Walking tour participants will see where Wyatt Earp occasionally came for a drink, where President Hoover once slept, where a Wells Fargo Express Office operated in 1875, Redwood City’s first new car showroom salon and auto repair garage, the finest theater on the peninsula in 1896, the former homes of prominent pioneer citizens and much more.
  • New this year – Path of History: Redwood City’s new Historic Informational Kiosk and Commemorative Sculpture/Plaque located at the corner of Main Street and Broadway, near the site of the Wells Fargo express service. Here, visitors can see displays and photos, and read about Redwood City’s rich history. Brochures for a self-guided tour of historic landmarks in Downtown Redwood City – the “Path of History” – are available at City Hall, and will soon be available right at the kiosk display. Future phases will add plaques and more historic information throughout the Downtown area.

Read more at, and join in the fun this weekend to celebrate National Historic Preservation Month!


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