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Redwood City Education Foundation helps give kids the education to succeed in high school, college, work, and life

You probably know about the Redwood City Education Foundation (RCEF) – it’s a wonderful nonprofit, all-volunteer organization that has been working since 1983 to help provide the public elementary and middle school students of Redwood City with the education they need to succeed in high school, college, work, and life.

Here is the latest information on RCEF’s upcoming events and ways to support our schools – I thought you might be interested! Please read below and consider how you can help our schools.

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Get Ready for the 36th Annual 4th of July Parade Run – register today, and help our schools!

Go to for information and to register.

The race starts at 8:45 am at Brewster & Arguello, and goes 3.5 miles along the Redwood City parade route.

After the run, stay for the 4th of July fun!

$100 Family Sponsorship gets your family’s name on Parade Run t-shirt. (deadline is tomorrow, June 9!)

Sign up for your Family Sponsorship today!

Proceeds from Parade Run support RCEF funding of music in our Redwood City schools. Partners include the Redwood City Department of Parks, Recreation & Community Services and the DIPs Run Club.

A generous family of a graduating 8th grader invites other families to join them in making a legacy gift to the RCEF. This family is contributing $6,000, an amount equal to $500 for each year they, as a family, were part of our school district.

In their words, “…we don’t think it is fair that the children following our children will have fewer opportunities for the things that make life worth living. We have decided to Pay it Forward as much as we can. Let’s make sure that ALL children get the best education possible, after ALL children are EVERYONE’S future!”

You can join the Pay It Forward campaign by sending your check to: RCEF, PO Box 3046, Redwood City, 94064, or by clicking here. Be sure to note you are Paying it Forward – and we offer a big “thank you” to everyone who contributes to this unique and thoughtful gift to our students.

These merchants give us an automatic donation when you make a purchase.

Go to for links to shop at, Kepler’s Books, and iTunes while you help RCEF.

Also, shop in person at: Kepler’s Books and be sure to mention the RCEF. Bring your reusable shopping bags to Key Market.

New to our program is Yang Orthodontics. This practice donates $150 to the RCEF for each new patient who mentions us when they set up a new patient exam and starts treatment.

Interested in volunteering or joining a committee? Want to become an RCEF board member? Find out how! Go to



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