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City Seeking Top Notch Developers to Partner on Depot Circle Project – New Gateway to Downtown

Good afternoon –

I want to share some really great news with you, something that we are all very excited about – the City has released a request for qualifications (RFQ) seeking developers interested in partnering with the City on the Depot Circle project. With the approval earlier this year of the Downtown Precise Plan, this project can really get off the ground.

This is the start of something fantastic, the next big step in the renaissance of Redwood City’s Downtown!

In case you haven’t heard of the concept of Depot Circle, let me update you with this paragraph from the news release we sent out today:
Depot Circle is proposed to be a unifying urban landmark, including an elegant traffic circle centered with a monument at the confluence of realigned Winslow and Hamilton streets, providing a dramatic focal point for what will become the western gateway into Downtown Redwood City. Surrounding the circle may be medium-rise buildings featuring a variety of possible uses including residential, office, retail, and boutique hotel. Depot Circle is envisioned as an enhanced link between the Sequoia Station shopping center, the Caltrain station, and Downtown.

This is something that developers have already been showing an interest in, and we have sent out the RFQ to a couple of dozen of them already.

Please take a look at the RFQ, and I think you’ll be as enthusiastic and thrilled as we are, at the great possibilities that are about to come to fruition. The RFQ includes some basic renderings that will show you what’s in mind. Go to to get there. You can read the news release at

By the way – happy Friday!



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