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Involved, Engaged, Informed Community Members Invited to Apply for Redwood City Boards, Commissions, & Committees

Good morning – I know many of you will be interested to know that there are now 21 seats available for appointment on Redwood City’s boards, commissions, and committees. This is a great opportunity for you to step up and offer your skill, knowledge, and expertise to your community. The deadline to apply for appointment is October 28.

Please read below and take a look at to see if there is a seat that you’re inspired to apply for!


~ malcolm


Involved, Engaged, Informed Community Members Invited to Apply for Redwood City Boards, Commissions, and Committees

The City of Redwood City announces a great opportunity for residents to serve their community. There are 21 seats to be filled on a variety of the City’s boards, commissions, and committees, and residents with a strong desire and willingness to work diligently on behalf of the community are encouraged to apply. The application period opens September 26, 2011 and will close on October 28, 2011. Applications and complete information are available online at, or may be requested by calling 650-780-7220.

Seats are available on the Planning Commission, Senior Affairs Commission, Housing and Human Concerns Committee, Civic Cultural Commission, Board of Building Review, Library Board, Historic Resources Advisory Committee, and Architectural Advisory Committee.

In order to best prepare applicants to be effective, productive, and successful board or commission members, a special Orientation Workshop will be held on Monday, October 24 at 6 pm at City Hall, open to anyone interested in applying for one of these seats. The workshop will provide general information about the City’s boards, commissions, and committees, roles and responsibilities of members and commissioners, and other important aspects of serving.

Serving on a board, commission, or committee is an important way to offer new perspectives and ideas, and contribute to the City’s discussions and decisions on a variety of substantial matters. Members of these boards serve an essential function in helping to manage the significant issues our community faces – and being appointed requires a strong commitment to carrying out the responsibilities of serving. The City Council will be interviewing applicants in late October and will be interested in a number of characteristics and qualities, as well as applicants’ current involvement in community activities and knowledge of the issues facing the board in which they’re interested. Further, applicants’ ability to build consensus, their willingness to offer thoughtful, productive recommendations, and their motivation to be prepared, informed, and engaged in their board’s work are all critical factors contributing to being appointed to a board, commission, or committee.

“This opportunity is a real call to action for Redwood City residents – your help is needed!” said Jeff Ira, Mayor of Redwood City. “Serving on a board requires a real commitment to put in the necessary time and effort. And those who serve will experience rich rewards in being a great asset to the community.”

General basic requirements are that applicants must have a strong interest in civic involvement, must be 18 years of age or older, and must be an elector and resident of incorporated Redwood City. It will also be important for applicants to exhibit a knowledge of the issues that are being addressed by the board for which they’re applying. More information on the specific boards, commissions, and committees for which the City is recruiting can be found online at


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