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Saltworks Update

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Redwood City was informed earlier today that DMB Associates, the applicant for the proposed Saltworks development, intends to engage in a continuing internal review and evaluation of their submitted proposal, in light of the volume of comments and feedback received during the initial scoping process. As more information and any revisions to the proposal are made available by the applicant, the City will carry on its analysis of the application.

Following the applicant’s continuing review and evaluation, the City anticipates a second scoping period, including a revised Notice of Preparation and related project description.  As you know, the scoping process provides an opportunity for the community and other stakeholders to provide comments to the official record as to what they feel should be included in the proposal’s Environmental Impact Report (EIR). During the first scoping period, hundreds of thoughtful and valuable comments were received. The resulting Scoping Report (available online) was released in August, 2011, summarizing the concerns and issues raised regarding the scope and content of the EIR, the range of alternatives, environmental issues, and mitigation measures to be analyzed in the EIR.

The City of Redwood City remains committed to an open and transparent review of the proposed Saltworks Project application. This commitment includes keeping the community informed, facilitating participation in the process, and supporting the community’s understanding of the Project.  The environmental review process established by CEQA is a critical component of the City’s review of the project and supports the City’s commitment to a robust program of community involvement. The City will not make a decision regarding the Saltworks project application until the environmental review process has been completed and the EIR has been certified.

The City will continue to update its Saltworks website with more details about the application process, required studies, and schedule for the review process. For more information about the proposed Saltworks project, visit:

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