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Holiday Skating on the Square – Starts 11/18 Downtown!

Good evening – here’s something I know you’ll want to know about. You’re invited to enjoy somethign new and exciting for the holidays in Downtown – “Holiday Skating on the Square”

We’re delighted to announce to the community that this holiday season there’s going to be a fantastic, festive, fun new activity that will thrill the entire family. It’s Holiday Skating on the Square, right on Courthouse Square in beautiful Downtown Redwood City!

Holiday Skating on the Square uses a remarkable technology, similar to what is used on cruise ships, at malls, and for some ice skating shows, that does not use actual ice. Instead, the 60’ by 67’ skating rink in the Square will have a special synthetic “ice” which performs like regular ice – and people will be using real ice skates (available at the Square, or people can bring their own). This is sure to be a huge hit with families throughout the community, and will extend the fun of Redwood City’s Downtown event “season.”

The skating rink will open on November 18 and continue through January 16, 2012. It’s just $10 on weekdays and $12 on weekends. Up to 100 people can be skating in the rink at one time. How fantastic is it to be “ice” skating during the holidays in the middle of Downtown Redwood City where the climate is best?

Skates are included with the admission fee. During rainy periods, the rink may be periodically closed. Tickets will go on sale a few days before the start date – once on sale, they can be purchased in advance by visiting the City’s events web page at, or at the kiosk on Courthouse Square right before skating. Follow Redwood City Events by going to and selection Twitter, Facebook, or RSS, or sign up to receive event email blasts.

Here is the schedule and pricing for Holiday Skating on the Square, starting November 18:
Monday – Thursday:  2 – 9 pm ($10)
Fridays: 2 – 6 pm ($10)
Fridays:  6 – 10 pm ($12)
Saturdays:  Noon to 10 pm ($12)
Sundays:  Noon to 8 pm ($12)
(prices are for approximately 1.5 hours of skating; sessions start on every even hour)

How does this “ice” skating technology work without real ice? This synthetic ice consists of a plastic polymer that can be described as having the consistency of a giant, white cutting board. The skating rinks are fitted together from 4’ X 8’ synthetic ice sheets. These panels are treated with a non-toxic lubricating solution that reduces contact friction and enhances the glide and speed of the skating experience. On this synthetic ice, the skate blade causes pressure which generates heat and causes a release of the lubricants in the sprayed-on solution which gives skaters the feel of skating on natural ice. It’s also more environment-friendly than real ice rinks, since no machinery or power is needed to keep ice continually frozen. This will be great fun for the whole family, and will add a new cheerful element to the festive holiday atmosphere of Downtown Redwood City.

Redwood City is grateful to these local businesses who are generous sponsors of Holiday Skating on the Square: Barrett Insurance, the Fox Theatre, Fresh Takes, Harry’s Hofbrau, Lacewell Realty, Pamplemousse, Peninsula Infiniti, Redwood General Tire, Saba Café, Sakura, San Mateo Credit Union, State Insurance, and T.W. Bay.



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