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Avoid drain and sewer backups in your home – don’t pour grease or oils down the drain

Good afternoon –

Redwood City wants to remind you that during the holidays (and year ‘round!), you can help avoid drain and sewage backups in your home – simply by NOT putting cooking oil or grease down the drain. You’ll Avoid Pain in the Drain!

Cooking fats, oil, and grease will block drains and sewers, causing backups and possibly costly drain cleaning. So don’t put them down the drain. Prevent raw sewage backups into your home, your streets, and the Bay.

Did you know you can recycle large quantities of turkey fryer oil and cooking grease? To find a recycle location go to

Here are tips for properly handling your cooking oil and fat and grease:

• Never pour fats, oil, or grease down drains, even if you have a garbage disposal. • Pour cooking oil and grease into a sealable container with an absorbent such as paper garbage and discard with your other garbage. • Recycle large amounts of grease or cooking oil (including from deep fryers) at Bay Area grease recycling locations (see • Use food strainers in kitchen sinks to catch food particles and scrape leftover food waste into the garbage or compost container instead of the garbage disposal.

Thanks for helping to Avoid Pain in the Drain!

~ malcolm


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