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Tips to Prevent Home Burglary

Good morning, and happy Friday!

The Redwood City Police Department wants to remind you that during this hectic time of year, don’t forget to take these easy steps to prevent a home burglary:

1. Make your residence look like someone is at home, even when no one is there.

2. On sliding glass doors, use a wooden dowel or a track blocker to prevent opening.

3. Always lock exterior doors and windows. 4. Don’t hide your house key in close proximity to entry doors.

5. Mark valuables with your driver’s license number, using an engraving tool, and take photos of valuables.

6. Secure guns in safes that are bolted to the floor or large enough that someone could not move without a lot of help.

7. Know your neighbors! Establish good neighbor relationships so that they will keep an eye on your home, especially if going out of town (and you do the same for them). Encourage neighbors to call the police if they see suspicious activity around your property. Give them contact numbers for reaching you.

8. Start a neighborhood watch group in your neighborhood.

9. If out of town, have your neighbor collect mail, newspaper, packages; leave a radio and lights on an automatic timer to make it look like you’re home.

10. Report suspicious people, door-to-door solicitation, strange vehicles in area, people asking for work, anyone with stories that don’t add-up, and anyone carrying items from someone’s home, or suspicious persons carrying back-packs or bags in the area.

11. Be careful of who you invite into your home.




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