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Note from Mayor Aguirre on Garbage Rate Increase

Good afternoon –

Mayor Aguirre asked me to forward to you this note regarding the recently-approved increase in garbage/recycling collection rates.

Thanks, ~ malcolm


Dear Redwood City Residents:

I wanted to share with you some of my thoughts on the City Council’s decision-making process regarding the increase in garbage/recycling rates. As you may know, after a thoughtful discussion at our January 9, 2011 meeting, the City Council unanimously approved a rate increase of 7.2% . This increase is less than the 7.81% increase that was originally proposed. The lower increase resulted from the Council deciding not to implement a proposed new curbside household hazardous waste collection service (which would have added 0.61% to the increase).

For the majority of Redwood City households, which have the 32-gallon cart, this amounts to an additional $1.78 per month/per cart (for those with 20-gallon carts the increase is 75¢ per month/per cart). Corresponding increases are reflected in the rates for larger bins and for commercial customers. More detailed information is available online at

It’s important to remind you that all revenues from this rate increase are used only to provide garbage service to the community.

This was a difficult decision, especially in light of the 85 official protest letters we received, and knowing that this increase is of some level of concern to everyone in the community.  During the Council’s discussion on the rate increase, we directed staff to update rate projections for future years and also asked that an analysis be done of the current rate methodology. We want to make sure that the most equitable and fair approach is in place, in order to ensure predictability and certainty in future rates for the community.

Thank you for your understanding, and please be assured that I and my colleagues on the Council appreciate your concerns with rate increases, and their impact on households during these difficult economic times. I encourage you to become involved in issues like this which are of concern to you – your involvement in important City matters is of great value to the entire community. You can keep up to date on City activities and issues through our website, or via this email list.


Alicia Aguirre




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