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Seeking historical info on the tank at Mezes Park!

Good afternoon –

Many of you are familiar with Mezes Park, over in the Centennial Neighborhood Association area, at the corner of Warren Street and Standish Street. You know, the one with the WWII tank in one corner!

Well, later this year the City will be making some improvements to Mezes Park, including new restrooms, some re-grading, new picnic tables, improvements to the toddler play area, some tree replacement, and improved walkways.

The tank will stay, and in fact we will be adding some tan bark around it, as well as an informational panel explaining its origins. The purpose of this email is to ask the community for any information, photos, recollections, or any other details pertaining to the tank. Further, if there are any veterans groups interested in exploring restoration of the tank, we’d love to hear from you!

It’s an M5 Stuart tank (built by Cadillac!) from WWII, and according to our records it was put in the park in 1946 at the request of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, as a memorial and commemoration to everyone who served in WWI and WWII.

We’re excited about the impending improvements to the park, and to putting together an informational panel for the tank that helps carry forward the commemoration for which it was intended.

Do you have any information about the tank at Mezes Park? Pictures of you and your friends, as kids, playing on it? Recollections from when it first was installed, or thereafter? Really, any information would be helpful – we are also pursuing other courses of investigation to fill in our understanding. Please email your thoughts on this to Claudia Olalla in our engineering division, at Your help is appreciated!

Thank you,



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