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“Neighborhood Organizing 101” Workshop on March 15

Good morning – Here’s a great opportunity for you and your neighbors to gain valuable tools for bringing your neighborhood together – it’s Redwood City’s “Neighborhood Organizing 101″ workshop!

Thursday, March 15th – 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Veterans Memorial Senior Center, 1455 Madison Avenue
Refreshments will be served!

This will be a hands-on, informative and fun workshop . You’ll get prepared resources, flyer templates, and contact list forms to assist you in neighborhood organizing. The workshop content provided by the Peninsula Conflict Resolution Center (

  • What makes a healthy neighborhood and community
  • How to assess the health of your neighborhood and identify possible issues or concerns
  • Tips on how to organize your neighborhood and bring people together around an issue or opportunity
  • What the City can do to help bring your neighbors together
  • City programs and grants, and other resources and opportunities
  • Upcoming opportunities to participate and get involved
  • Neighborhood Watch information

There are lots of good reasons to organize the people in a neighborhood, ranging from purely social and fun purposes, to more serious issues-driven aims. First and foremost, everyone will experience better communication among neighbors – to put together a block party, hold a neighborhood meeting, identify issues, and find common ground. Just the act of getting people introduced to their neighbors will often bring more openness, interaction, and exchange of information – and that really helps to build community, help everyone feel like they belong, and establish strong neighborhood bonds. And, it provides a common sense of responsibility and pride in the neighborhood, and ownership of the issues which neighbors find important. This leads to positive action and the opportunity for people to solve problems together, as a neighborhood. When neighbors know and communicate with other neighbors, it helps make the neighborhood a safer place. By working together, looking out for each other, and coordinating with the City and the police department, neighbors can help to create a safer, more secure environment.

One of the most common efforts in any neighborhood is to help improve or beautify their area, which can both strengthen property values and reduce crime. A neighborhood-wide effort can target problem areas and assist in their solution, especially if the issue involves an elderly person or someone who would otherwise have difficulty in that effort on their own. With an organized neighborhood the residents can work more effectively with municipal service providers, like public works, the police department, or others. This makes it easier to communicate with the City to voice concerns, access resources, resolve problems, or take advantage of opportunities.

The entire community is invited to find out what neighborhood organizing is all about, on Thursday, March 15th!


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