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Check out Rethink @ Work Recycling Pledge Program

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I’m sure most of you are familiar with RethinkWaste ( – the South Bayside Waste Management Authority, which is the joint powers authority handling waste reduction, recycling, and solid waste programs for its 12 member agencies (including Redwood City).

They have a new program that you’ll want to check out – it’s called Rethink@Work, and it encourages workplace recycling. Please read below for some details and go online for more.

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RethinkWaste introduces

Rethink @ Work

…a pledge that encourages local employees to recycle at work.

Create a recycling effort or improve the one currently at your workplace. Not only will you help make our community cleaner and more sustainable, you could win prizes and a fun outing for you and your coworkers!

Tell us about your work recycling efforts on our Facebook Page ( Share photos of you and your coworkers recycling. Write about how you set up your recycling effort — or how your office trash can is feeling quite lonely now. Show us how your efforts are making a difference.

Recycling’s a Win/Win!

Fill out a pledge card. Everyone who pledges will be entered into a weekly drawing for a gift card for a local business! Take the Pledge here:

Let the fun begin.   Post a photo of you and your coworkers recycling on our Facebook page. During the contest, we will randomly select entries for an on-site assessment. After reviewing your recycling efforts, we’ll reward your business with lunch and a tour of the Shoreway Environmental Center!   Do the Right Thing.

Ways to Pledge
•Reduce your waste.
•Reuse all that you can.
•Recycle your bottles and cans, plastic containers, paper and cardboard.
•Compost your food scraps, yard trimmings and food-and-beverage-soiled paper products.

For tips and information visit:

Closing the loop helps create a more sustainable community. Reducing, reusing and recycling are ways to make San Mateo County a cleaner, better place to live. Visit


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