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Farmers Markets About to Start in Redwood City

Good afternoon– here’s a quick reminder about farmers markets that are starting up soon in our community. One is our good old Kiwanis market that’s been here over three decades (!). The others are two new ones.

These are a great way to get fresh produce and other products, and also to join together with friends and neighbors as you shop. These markets take place on a variety of days, so take a look and get them on your calendar!


~ malcolm

Kiwanis Club Farmers’ Market

Starts April 7
8 am – noon
Saturdays, April through November
Location: Downtown, in the parking lot at the corner of Hamilton and Winslow Streets

NEW: Cañada College Farmers’ Market
by West Coast Farmers’ Market Association
Starts April 15
9 am – 1 pm
Sundays, year-round
Location: Cañada College, 4200 Farm Hill Boulevard, Lot 7

NEW: Rotary Club Farmers’ Market
Starts May 1
4 – 8 pm
Tuesdays, May through September
Location: Downtown, on Broadway and Hamilton Streets (street closure)




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