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Bike to Work Day – May 10

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I’d like to encourage you to participate in the 18th Annual Bike to Work Day – it takes place on May 10, 2012. Bike to Work Day is a celebration that promotes bicycling as a healthy, fun and inexpensive form of transportation (and participants can win prizes, too – see below!).

You’re invited to join over a hundred thousand other Bay Area bicycle riders in making Bike To Work Day a continued success. “Energizer Stations” will be located along Bay Area county commute routes where bicyclists can stop for refreshments, giveaways, and bicycling information or simply to be ‘cheered on’ by fellow participants. Energizer Stations will be open during morning commute hours.

In Redwood City, there will be two Energizer Stations: one at the Sequoia Station Caltrain station, and one at 450 Broadway (Stanford Hospital and Clinics – Outpatient center) – open from 6 – 9:30 am on May 10. Plus, Oracle is hosting an Energizer Station on the Bay Trail near the fountain at 401 and 501 Island Parkway in Belmont, in case you’re up in that area. Visit an energizer station and get snacks and refreshments.

Why Bike to Work? More than one million Bay Area residents live within five miles of their workplace, an ideal distance for bicycling. But remember, the work commute only represents 23% of all trips, so consider how you also may be able to bike to shop, to school, for errands, and for social events. In a world concerned with climate change, pollution, traffic congestion, wasted time, and skyrocketing gas prices, the question should really be: Why not bike to work?

You don’t need to register to take part in Bike to Work Day – but you might want to in order to be eligible to win prizes! By registering you will be making a pledge to Bike to Work and this will allow the organizers to better calculate Bay Area participation. When you register, you will automatically be entered into a drawing to win a grand prize. Register at

For more information you can visit and

MORE Great Prizes and Rewards!

Pledge by May 14 to BIKE TO WORK an average of eight times before June 1, and receive a $40 gift certificate from the Peninsula Congestion Relief Alliance and be entered into a raffle for prizes including a folding bicycle after filling out a usage survey. Click here for details and pledge form (





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