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Deadline Approaching – Mayor’s Beautification Recognition Program

Good afternoon – here’s a quick reminder that the deadline is approaching to make nominations for the Mayor’s Beautification Recognition Program.

You’re invited to nominate your own (or someone else’s!) project for the 24th Annual Mayor’s Beautification Recognition Program. Categories include best architectural design; best remodel; best historical restoration; most beautiful garden or landscape; best compatible building and garden or landscape; or any other category that you might think of.

Redwood City residents, non-profit organizations, and businesses can show their civic pride by submitting nominations. Individuals, homeowners associations, apartment complexes, businesses, non-profits, and others are all eligible. Applications are available online at, by visiting City Hall (1017 Middlefield Road), or by calling 780-7300

The deadline for entries is May 25th, 2012.

The purpose of this program, sponsored by the City’s  Pride and Beautification Committee, is to encourage the efforts of community members in beautifying and improving their homes, buildings, and properties, and to publicly acknowledge and recognize their pride in being part of the Redwood City community.

It’s an easy and fun way to foster civic pride in the Redwood City community, beautify the entire City, and, of course, honor people and organizations for their work to make Redwood City a better, more attractive place to live and work.

So…take a look around your neighborhood, and find a property to nominate – or nominate your own!



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