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Downtown Parking/Traffic Restrictions for Presidential Visit 5/23

Good morning –

The Presidential visit here on May 23rd is a great honor for Redwood City, offering our community a spotlight on the national stage.

With that visit to the Fox Theatre come some significant restrictions and security protocols mandated by the Secret Service that must be implemented in order for this historic event to take place.

These restrictions will most certainly have a major effect on traffic, pedestrians, parking, and businesses in the Downtown core area. The Redwood City Police Department (supported by a host of other law enforcement agencies) is responsible for carrying out the logistical aspects that are required to secure the area for the visit.

I wanted to give you a heads up that it will be anything but “business as usual” in the greater Downtown area on May 23rd, starting in the early afternoon, probably by 2 or 3 pm. Here is our current understanding of what will take place:

• A security perimeter will be set up and barricaded, around the Downtown core area (the specific area is presently being determined)

• The area must be cleared so that the Secret Service can carry out its security sweeps of the entire Downtown core area prior to the President’s arrival in the evening.

• There will be no vehicles, pedestrians, employees, or any other unauthorized persons allowed inside that perimeter after that time

• We are anticipating that businesses within the security perimeter must be closed and vacated for the duration of the event (potentially until 10 pm).

• Motorists and pedestrians are advised to avoid the Downtown area during the afternoon and evening – there is the potential for protests or demonstrations to take place in the vicinity, so anyone who is in the area should exercise caution.

The City is in the process of contacting and updating affected Downtown businesses, and will continue to update the community as we get more information. We’ll also be placing changeable electronic message boards at several locations Downtown to advise motorists and pedestrians of the upcoming traffic restrictions, and we’ll be posting “No Parking” signage where appropriate so motorists have plenty of notice of where to avoid parking on the 23rd.

Thank you for your patience as we work to ensure a safe visit by the President to our community. This information is subject to change. Please keep an eye on our website – – and your email inbox for updated information.

Thank you,



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