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Police Provide Live Video Chat w/Community

Good morning –

I wanted to share some really exciting news with you. This morning, the Redwood City Police Department became one of the first departments in the country to implement Netop’s “Live Guide” video and text chat – it’s a system to allow Redwood City community members to have real-time, interactive video chats directly with a Redwood City police officer.

This new service utilizes the latest technology for two-way text, audio and video chat, offering another way for you to connect with your Police Department. And Redwood City is one of the first municipal government agencies in the United States to provide such video interactivity directly between its police department and its community.

While text-based chat is not uncommon, the future for innovative governments like Redwood City is a communication model offering two-way dialogue with a face-to-face interactive exchange of information. This emerging technology will effectively place the Redwood City Police Department on the leading edge of customer service strategy by providing a new standard of “community-centric” policing.

You can use Live Guide to receive live online assistance with any concerns or questions about police services, and help with reporting crimes online. The video chat service will also facilitate assistance with the Police Department’s other online tools, information on how to handle traffic complaints or abandoned vehicles, direction and web page links for which City departments or other resources are most appropriate for their concerns, or any other community policing inquiries they may have. This service is NOT for use in life-threatening emergencies – people should call 911 in those cases. Live Guide is available to the community at

The pilot program will be launched immediately; operating Monday through Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm. Based on customer usage the program may be expanded to include weekend and evening hours. More information and access to the Redwood City Police Department’s new Live Guide interactive video chat service is available by visiting

Please take a look at the full news release at for some additional information – and don’t hesitate to use the new service to enhance your communication with the police department.


~ malcolm

PS: Media contact for this new service is with Police Chief JR Gamez, 650-780-7122 or


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