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Film Competition for Peninsula Teens

Good morning, and happy Friday!

Here’s a quick note about a film competition for peninsula teens, sponsored by AT&T and non-profit digital arts center Fresh Takes. Please read below, and pass this along to teens who you think might be interested!


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Film Competition for Peninsula Teens

AT&T and Fresh Takes, a Redwood City based youth digital arts center, are partnering to challenge the creativity of young filmmakers at Peninsula High Schools.  AT&T is sponsoring Fresh Takes’ PenFlick Challenge, which features online voting for the best “video pitch” for film ideas in three categories: (1) Short Film or documentary, (2) Flash animation or (3) digital photography. The author of the winning “video pitch” will have his/her film idea produced in association with Fresh Takes Productions. The film will have its premier showing at the company’s Night of Stars fundraiser at the Fox Theatre in Redwood City on October 10th. The winner will not only walk the red carpet but also take home an iPad.

Fresh Takes executive director Pete Liebengood is excited by AT&T’s participation. “AT&T’s involvement gives the competition instant authenticity,” says Liebengood.

Students interested in entering the PenFlick challenge and producing a “video pitch” will find instructions on how the process works on the Fresh Takes website at The deadline for submitting “video pitches” is August 6th. “Creating a “video pitch,” says Liebengood, “could be a valuable learning experience for some young movie maker of the future. Every movie project starts with a great pitch.”

Contact: Pete Liebengood. 650-207-2623


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