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4th of July PARKING Information

Good morning –

By now, you all know that the fantastic 4th of July Parade, by the Peninsula Celebration Association, is BACK in the heart of Downtown Redwood City (see or I’d like to advise you about parking Downtown, as there will be some limitations in garages, lots, and on-street parking, including during the set-up and as the parade runs.

1) BE SURE TO OBSERVE ANY AND ALL “NO PARKING” SIGNS on the streets – some streets will be closed for the festival (parts of Hamilton, Middlefield, Jefferson, and Broadway), and others will have no parking from 6 am to about 1 pm, during the 5K ParadeRun, parade set-up, and the actual parade. Take a look at the map at one of the links above to see the parade route – and do not park on that route after 6 am as YOUR VEHICLE WILL BE SUBJECT TO TOWING. The parade takes place on Marshall Street – Main Street – Middlefield – Winslow – Arguello. The very last thing that anyone wants is a towed car – PLEASE be sure you observe the “No Parking” signs on those streets!!

2) The Jefferson Avenue Garage, the Marshall Street Garage, the Middlefield Road lot, the Downtown Library lots, and the Main Street lot behind City Hall WILL be open for public parking on the 4th; HOWEVER, they will be inaccessible during the set-up, ParadeRun, and the parade, from about 8:30 to about 1 pm. YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO GET INTO OR OUT OF THOSE PARKING AREAS DURING THAT PERIOD, as the parade and other activities will be blocking the way.

If you know you will need to take your vehicle out of one of those parking areas during this time DO NOT leave it in the lot after 8:30 a.m. –  find an alternate place to park your car.  By the way, meters Downtown will not be enforced on the 4th of July. If you know you’re going to be staying Downtown past the parade time, then parking there is fine.

3) You can avoid parking hassles with the FREE SHUTTLE from Fair Oaks Community Center or Community Activities Building. Visit for the schedule.

4) Alternative parking is available at the County garage on Middlefield near Veterans Blvd, and in the underground garage at Sequoia Station shopping center.

This information is also available at

Thanks, and have a safe and fun 4th of July!




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