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Meet the Author, and Free Film Screening

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Just wanted to let you know about two upcoming events at the Downtown Redwood City Library – on July 18 you can meet Mark Zepezauer, author of “The CIA’s Greatest Hits,” and then on July 19 you’re invited to a free screening of the award winning documentary, “Old People Driving.” Please read below for some details!


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• Meet the Author of “The CIA’S Greatest Hits” – Mark Zepezauer
Wednesday, July 18 at 7 PM
Fireplace Room, Downtown Library, 1044 Middlefield Road

Join the author for a discussion of his cartoon-illustrated book describing the Central Intelligence Agency’s biggest propaganda triumphs, in the form of short case studies. Each delivers a summary of covert operations in economic warfare, rigged elections, assassinations, and genocide. They’re appended with a list of sources that flesh out in greater detail what he calls the “crimes” of the CIA. Zepezauer’s litany of intelligence misdeeds includes Ruby Ridge, the Iran-Contra affair, Watergate, the blowing up of Pan Am flight 103, the Bay of Pigs invasion, the U.S. relationship with Manuel Noriega and more.

Author/illustrator Mark Zepezauer’s previous books include Take the Rich Off Welfare, Boomerang! How Our Covert Wars Have Created Enemies Across the Middle East and Brought Terror to America, and The Nixon Saga.


• Free Documentary Film Screening – “Old People Driving”
Thursday, July 19 at 7 PM
Community Room Downtown Library, 1044 Middlefield Road

The Redwood City Senior Affairs Commission invites the community to experience a very special documentary highlighting an issue becoming more important as our population ages. Never in human history have we had so many older people on the road. And with that, the question many are asking is: should very elderly people be allowed to continue to drive?  And if so, to what point? This question is explored in the remarkable and award-winning documentary, “Old People Driving.”

Documentary film maker Shaleece Haas features her grandfather, Redwood City resident Milton Cavalli, and Herbert Bauer in this cautionary tale.  The film helps consider difficult questions about the driving question we should be having in conversations with family members and elderly friends. The film chronicles the adventures of 96-year-old Milton and 99-year-old Herbert as they confront the end of their driving years. The film follows Herbert as he takes his last drive, hands over his keys and comes to terms with the reality of life without a car. Milton, meanwhile, continues to drive every day and vows to do so until he feels he’s no longer safe on the road. Through their stories, and a review of the latest traffic safety research, the film dispels some of the myths about elderly drivers without shying away from the fact that many will outlive their ability to drive safely.




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