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Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program

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I am passing along to you some information from the Redwood City – San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce: it’s all about their Leadership Program, which is a really great way to gain a widespread knowledge of all aspects of San Mateo County – business, transportation, housing, health care, government…it’s truly an in-depth experience of how things work here. It’s one day a month for ten months, and I can tell you, as a graduate, that you’ll really gain a whole new insight into our community.

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Developing Leaders For Our Community’s Future The Redwood City – San Mateo County Chamber of Commerce Leadership Program In dynamic sessions held one Friday a month, September through June, participants learn about issues of vital concern to their city; and learn how they can effectively shape the future of their community, their organization or their business. The focus of each session is not on specific political viewpoints; rather, a number of alternative views are presented from experts in the given areas. Sessions generally run from 8am until 3pm. A continental breakfast and lunch are provided. Applications We invite those individuals seeking to challenge themselves by becoming more educated and involved in their community. Enrollment is limited to 40 individuals. Completed applications are due back to the Chamber no later than Wednesday, August 31st, 2012. Tuition Tuition for the program is $1,000.00, due by the first class day. Attendance Class members must not miss more than 2 classes to graduate from program. Information and application:

This past graduating class left the program with a new or renewed sense of commitment to their local community. Check out their comments below:

• Leadership has inspired me in each class to pursue a career I’m passionate about.
• The leadership program has given me the tools and confidence to educate my community.
• Fantastically fun, enlightening, impressive people, contagious energy, incredible passion, congratulations!
• Great overview of how San Mateo County works!
• I came to the class wanting to learn what the city can do for my tenants and walking away with a goal of engaging my tenants on how we can give back to our city/community.
• The leadership program has educated and inspired me to find a volunteer/leadership position where I can make a difference.
• Leadership class has opened my eyes to the issues of my community and has forever engaged me.
• Inspired me to continue being involved in my community.
• Expanded my vision from my personal agenda to a community perspective.
• An enlightening program-expanding my knowledge of our diverse community.
• I know and appreciate my community. Time to engage!
• Leadership allows me to network effectively with fellow county business reps, learn more about city government and see where I fit into making a volunteer contribution. Thank you!
• Eye-opener, thought provoking, inspiring to commit.
• Insight and experience to the community and civic process.
• It’s about what you can do, rather than expect.
• The leadership program has given a global understanding of local government where we have been, where we are now, and where we are going.



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