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Info on tree removal on Seaport Blvd

Good morning –

I wanted to take just a quick minute to let you know (in case any of you driving on Seaport Boulevard were wondering!) about what’s going on with all the trees we took down out there on the north side of the roadway, near the marina.

Those were Myoporum trees and they suffered from a very serious pest called the Myoporum Thrip that has found its way to the US and California. Any Myoporum laetum trees that are not treated with near-constant applications of insecticides usually fall prey to extreme damage from this pest (you may have seen this same tree species greatly suffering in various area of Highway 101 and other State roadways).

Our City’s Integrated Pest Management policy disallows landscaping that requires constant application of pesticides to keep it healthy. There are good reasons for this: it is very expensive, and it obviously isn’t good for the environment, either. Therefore, in this situation we have chosen to remove – and replace – the Myoporums. The replacement trees, Koelreuteria paniculata (aka “Golden Rain” tree) are relatively disease and pest-free, so our maintenance costs will be lower, and we won’t be in the position of putting a lot of pesticides into the environment. Those will be planted within a couple of weeks.

Even though there will be a period of time as the new trees mature when it won’t look as nice, the longer-term benefit is quite substantial, and we’re pleased that we’re able to take care of the problem in an environmentally-sound way.

So that’s the story – feel free to drop me a note if you want any more info.




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