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Free Energy-Efficiency HouseCall!

Good morning, and happy Friday!

This morning I want to remind you that the non-profit group Acterra, in cooperation with Redwood City, can provide you with a FREE energy efficiency housecall. What does that mean? Well, read below to learn more, but I will say that after one of these housecalls, you’ll have some great tools to make your home more energy-efficient, and which will save you money, and help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Please read on!


~ malcolm


Get a FREE Green@Home Energy Efficiency HouseCall!

Green@Home HouseCalls are a service offered by Acterra, a non-profit organization, in partnership with the City of Redwood City, that help residents save energy and money.  A Green@Home HouseCall can save renters and homeowners $50 to $150 per year and reduce CO2 emissions!

During a HouseCall, trained volunteers work with residents in their homes to perform a home energy assessment and install basic energy-saving upgrades. Upgrades include compact fluorescent lightbulbs (CFLs), a retractable clothesline, low-flow water devices, and weatherstripping.

How much standby power do your electronics use? Find out how much your devices use and how to reduce this waste by signing up for a Green@Home HouseCall.

The FREE Green@Home HouseCalls are a being offered for a limited time only.

Sign up by visiting and clicking on “Request a Free HouseCall” or call (650) 962.9876, ext. 380



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