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Walk Redwood City’s “Path of History” Downtown

Good morning, and happy Friday!

I want to invite you to experience Redwood City’s history – on the ground, Downtown!

Redwood City’s fantastic “Path of History” self-guided walking tour is a fun way to wander Downtown, see where our local history actually happened, enjoy our great restaurants and shops, and relive Redwood City’s unique past.

Redwood City’s history has always been a source of great pride for the community, particularly Downtown where there are many well-preserved examples of historic structures and points of interest. The Path of History centers on a wonderful historical information kiosk (including some really incredible historic photos!) and unique, beautiful commemorative sculpture on the plaza near Wells Fargo Bank at the corner of Broadway and Main Street. Twelve historic plaques at various historic sites in our Downtown help tell the story of Redwood City’s history.

Get the free commemorative full color Path of History map and brochure right at the Wells Fargo plaza historical information kiosk, or at the City Hall lobby information desk. It’s also available online at

Bring your friends, family, and visitors Downtown and celebrate the exciting origins of Redwood City! The Path of History will show you our Downtown’s remarkable history, and you’ll discover important events through some stunning “before and after” images. The Path of History will also help to share this significant aspect of our community with future generations. Visitors can start anywhere on the Path, but the corner of Broadway and Main is the ideal location to begin your historic journey Downtown.

The Redwood City Path of History is brought to you by the City of Redwood City and its Historic Resources Advisory Committee and Planning Commission, and these generous sponsors: Wells Fargo Bank, the Redwood City Civic Cultural Commission, the Peter and Paula Uccelli Foundation, and the Redwood City Library Archives Committee.


~ malcolm


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