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School District Seeking Oversight Committee Members

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I wanted to let you know that the Redwood City School District is currently accepting applications for the Measure W Citizen’s Oversight Committee, and they want to make sure that Redwood City community members and business members have the opportunity to apply to serve on this committee. The deadline to apply is September 17. Please read the info below and see if this is something that interests you. If so, please contact the District at the number/email listed below.


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Applications for the Measure W Citizen’s Oversight Committee Due on September 17

On June 5, 2012, local voters approved Measure W, a $67 annual educational parcel tax to improve local elementary and middle school education for all students with funds that cannot be taken by the State. As stated in a resolution passed by the Redwood City School District Board of Trustees on February 23, 2012, funds from Measure W will be used to enhance reading, writing, math, and science skills; attract and retain qualified teachers; and support school libraries.

The resolution passed by the Board for Measure W requires reporting and oversight, including formation of a Citizen’s Oversight Committee.  The Committee will be comprised of: 3 parents of students currently attending a Redwood City School District school, 3 community members who do not currently have children enrolled in the district, and 3 local business owners.  The Committee will meet 4 times per calendar year.  The responsibilities of the committee members shall be to:

1. Ensure that all funds generated by Measure W are spent in accordance with the ballot language, and that no funds are spent on administrator salaries;
2. Review Measure W expenditures by each school and determine if they comply with the Measure W ballot language, and the school’s stated intention, as approved by the School Board each year;
3. Provide a report to the Board each year that states whether all expenditures are in accordance with the Measure W ballot language and in compliance with the Board-approved intention for use by each school.

If you are interested in applying to serve on the Citizen’s Oversight Committee, please fill out and return your application by Monday, September 17 to: Kimberly Chen, Redwood City School District, 750 Bradford Street, Redwood City, åCA  94063,, or fax to 650.423-2215.

The Measure W Citizen’s Oversight Committee Application is available at or can be downloaded by clicking on:

For more information, please call (650) 423.2232 or email



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