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City’s New “Economic Indicators Dashboard” Unveiled

Good morning, and happy Friday!

I want to share with you a new online tool that Redwood City has just unveiled, I think you’ll find it pretty interesting. And, it’ll be especially useful for businesses who are seeking information about our local economic situation. It’s our “Economic Indicators Dashboard” and you can take a look at it right now at

This new set of web pages is useful for anyone interested in or needing information on the economic conditions in Redwood City – business site selectors, builders, and developers, as well as local businesses and residents. “At-a-glance” key economic information on the site includes: commercial building data and links; value of building permits issued; sales tax by business segment and business district; top sales tax generators; top private employers; economic news related to Redwood City; and more.

A feedback page is included, offering the opportunity for you to let us know what kinds of additional information you’d like to see there, and what types of new businesses you feel would be a valuable addition to Redwood City. The Dashboard will be updated as new information becomes available and new data points are developed.

Staff worked with Vice Mayor Gee and Councilmembers Foust and Ira of the Mayor’s economic development subcommittee to create this easy-to-use tool. One element on the web page I think you may find of most interest is seeing where the City’s revenues come from – which in turn are used to provide the City services that we all use.

Take a look at!


~ malcolm


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