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Reminder: Edgewood Rd Closure/Detour Starts Tonight 10 pm

Good afternoon –

Here is a quick reminder about the temporary closure and detour of Edgewood Road near Cordilleras Road that starts TONIGHT. The only change is that the closure/detour will start at 10 pm tonight, not 9 pm as previously stated.

(And…completely unrelated – the Dumbarton Bridge will be closed from 10 pm tonight until 5 am on Tuesday for seismic upgrades)

The Edgewood Road closure/detour work is being done by the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC), as part of the installation of the new Hetch Hetchy water pipeline across Edgewood.

The closure of Edgewood Road will begin Friday, August 31st at 10 pm and will last until Tuesday, September 4th at 6 am.

During this time, motorists in both directions of Edgewood will be detoured onto Cordilleras Road. The SFPUC has notified the immediately-impacted neighbors, and will maintain residential access throughout the closure period.

If possible, please avoid driving on Edgewood Road in that area, by using an alternate route. If you do need to drive on Edgewood, the SFPUC advises motorists to exercise additional caution and to be very aware of all traffic control signage, detours, work crews, and heavy equipment in the area.

This is all part of the seismic upgrade of the Hetch Hetchy pipeline throughout the peninsula, and Redwood City. The SFPUC (which supplies all of Redwood City’s drinking water) owns and maintains the Hetch Hetchy pipeline system. This work over Labor Day weekend is part of the SFPUC’s installation of a new five-foot diameter drinking water pipeline across Edgewood Road.

I’ve posted the SFPUC’s news release concerning the Edgewood Road closure here. For any questions or concerns about the construction, please call the SFPUC’s 24-hour project hotline, 1-800-571-6610, or visit their construction blog at

ADDITIONAL FYI: This is completely unrelated, but you also may want to know that the Dumbarton Bridge will be closed over Labor Day weekend, as part of that facility’s seismic upgrade. The Dumbarton Bridge will be closed from Friday, August 31st 10 pm, to Tuesday, September 4, 5 am. Visit

for more information.


~ malcolm


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