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Sierra Club Movie…and Water Efficient Landscape Class Schedule

Good afternoon –

Ok, two MORE items for you today, and this is it for the day!

First, on Monday evening the Sierra Club presents a free animated short film at the Downtown Library, “The Story of Stuff.” And second, there are a lot of free water-efficient landscaping classes coming up throughout the Bay Area, including two in Redwood City, on September 22 and Octcober 6. Please read below for the details!


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Sierra Club invites you to

An animated short film
Monday Sept. 10th, 6.15pm
Redwood City Library, 1044 Middlefield Road

It has been described as “One of the Most Controversial Short Films of the Decade” Where do our clothes, electronics, cans, bottles, and other stuff come from? Where do they go when we discard them?

The Story of Stuff presents a provocative thesis about the production of goods, our government, industry, our mindless consume-and-throwaway culture, and the impact on ourselves, others, and our planet.

“….A must-see little film for everyone on this planet! “Blew me away and changed my life…”

“After seeing the film, I understood why it became an instant sensation.”

The film will be followed by some lively discussion groups  about “Green Consumerism” and more, to discuss what should be done, and what each of us personally can do, to make a difference.

A light dinner is included.
Price FREE but RSVP required at


Free Water-Efficient Landscaping Classes

From now through November, the Bay Area Water & Conservation Agency (BAWSCA) is presenting a wide range of FREE landscape classes designed to introduce homeowners, commercial property managers, landscape service providers, and others to the concepts of water-efficient and sustainable landscaping. Two of the classes are in Redwood City, others are elsewhere on the Peninsula, and still more are in other Bay Area cities.

BAWSCA’s FREE classroom lectures and hands-on workshops focus on:

  • Sustainable Landscaping
  • Understanding Water-Use      Efficiency in the Landscape
  • Use of California Native and      Drought Tolerant Plants
  • Creating Healthy Soil
  • Alternatives to Lawn
  • Habitat Gardening
  • Edible Landscaping
  • Water-Efficient Irrigation      Practices
  • Parent/Child Gardening      Activities

Register and get the entire schedule at, or call 650-349-3000 for more information.

Here are the FREE Redwood City water-efficient landscape classes:

Saturday, September 22, 9 am – noon
Water-Efficient Landscape Design and Techniques that Save Water, Time and Money (Sherri Osaka): Learn about the Bay Area’s water cycle and the use of California Native plants to reduce your water use, garden waste and save you time.

Saturday, October 6, 9 am – noon
Water-Efficient Landscape Irrigation (Lori Palmquist): Learn about water-conserving irrigation strategies and how to evaluate your irrigation system for upgrades to make your garden thrive. Learn basic drip irrigation design and installation, choosing the right components, watering techniques, and the proper system maintenance for your landscaping.

Register for classes a



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