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Dredging in slough behind Shores library

Good afternoon –

This note will be of particular interest to anyone who uses the Bay Trail that goes around the end of Belmont Slough, the waterway behind the Redwood Shores Branch Library.

Redwood City, in coordination with Oracle, will be dredging portions of Belmont Slough starting on or around September 12, continuing through the end of October. This is important maintenance dredging which is necessary to improve the “flushing” of Redwood Shores Lagoon water, in order to keep the lagoon healthy.

During this work there will be heavy equipment and activity across the portion of the Bay Trail next to the lagoon, adjacent to Marine Parkway, requiring periodic closures of the trail.

Pedestrians, bikers, and joggers are advised to either avoid that portion of the trail, or proceed with extra caution and be watchful for workers and equipment, including trucks moving across the trail. The contractor will post a worker at that location to “flag” trail users safely through the area.

Dredging work will typically be 7:30 am to 4 pm, weekdays. However, since the dredging can only take place during high tide, it’s likely that the contractor will be permitted to work longer hours, and potentially some weekends. Thanks for your  patience and understanding during this work, and for your additional vigilance and care if you are on the trail during this work.

You can see a location map at


By the way…one more quick heads-up for Redwood Shores – we’ll have a contractor doing an underwater inspection of the columns on the bridge over the Redwood Shores Lagoon at Bridge Parkway, on Friday September 14, 2012.

There’s no cause for concern – Caltrans’ annual inspection recommended some maintenance/repair on that bridge, and so we got a Federal grant for the work which includes this underwater inspection. This will provide us with the information required to design a maintenance/repair project for this bridge, which will take place sometime in 2013. More info on that once we have a schedule.

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

~ malcolm


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