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Redwood City PD Receives Award for Use of Social Media

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I’m very proud to let you know that the Redwood City Police Department has been selected as the first international award recipient of The ConnectedCOPS Excellence at a Small Agency Award for outstanding work using social media. This award is given to a law enforcement agency of 150 sworn officers or fewer that has demonstrated overall excellence in the use of social media to enhance services to the public.

The Department was chosen from a group of law enforcement agencies from three countries. The judging criteria for this award included leadership, creativity and innovative use of social media to engage, educate, and foster collaborative relationships with the public. Additionally, competing agencies were required to display a broad and deep understanding of social media that fostered mentoring and outreach to colleagues to promote the use of social networking in law enforcement.

This is a great honor for the Redwood City Police Department and the City! Our PD is a leader in law enforcement’s use of services such as Twitter, Facebook, Blogger, YouTube, Flickr, NIXLE, Vimeo, and Netops Live Chat, to provide a variety of platforms to communicate, educate and engage the community.

For the whole story, please take a look at the news release at and visit the Police Department’s website at The ConnectedCOPS website is

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