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Pete’s Harbor – Setting the Record Straight

Good afternoon – we just posted the information below on the City’s website, under the “Setting the Record Straight” link, and thought you might find it of interest. By the way, we’re also posting staff reports and other information on the Pete’s Harbor proposal at


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On October 24, 2012, an opinion piece was posted on the Redwood City Patch website, concerning the proposed development at Pete’s Harbor. This article contained a number of inaccurate statements about the City’s work toward an “Inner Harbor Precise Plan.”

The Inner Harbor Precise Plan we are contemplating does not include Pete’s Harbor. The area under consideration for this precise plan includes the Docktown Marina, the County Women’s Jail facility, a homeless shelter, the City’s Police headquarters, the planned County Jail, Bair Island Aquatic Center, and several vacant properties owned by the City (see map).

The purpose of the City Council’s initial discussion of an Inner Harbor Precise Plan, at their meeting of June 25, 2012, was to provide staff with general guidance as to the desired public process for developing the precise plan for that area. As a bayside property, Pete’s Harbor is considered a stakeholder in the process – but that property does not lie within the boundaries of the contemplated precise plan. At that meeting, it was stated that it would take at least a year to produce a precise plan. That estimate for completion, as a minimum, still stands.

The June 25, 2012 Inner Harbor Precise Plan staff report, as well as minutes and video from that City Council meeting, are available online (scroll down to the June 25 meeting and select Agenda, Minutes, or Video).


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