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2 Important Items – Career Education Workshop; Clocks, Smoke Alarms, Disaster Prep

Hi, here are two big items you may find of interest! Read first about this upcoming free workshop about how your can advance your career through education (workshop brought to you by the Redwood City Public Library), then read the reminder to change your smoke/CO alarm batteries when you change your clock this weekend, plus some good disaster preparation links!


~ malcolm



Tuesday, November 6, 2012
10am – noon
Redwood City Downtown Library
1044 Middlefield Road, Redwood City


10am – Presentation: How Furthering Your Education Can Advance Your Job Search
11am – Panel of Educational Providers

In this career presentation, you will:

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a variety of education strategies for your career plan
  • Hear and interact with a panel of local educational providers
  • Learn how their specific programs are unique
  • Learn about the application process and how to pay for tuition
  • Develop an education plan that will further your career goals
  • An opportunity to network about your future in a supportive environment

And, you will learn and discuss:

  • Why Consider Advancing your education and what are your options?
  • How do you determine your potential time commitment?
  • What are two very important considerations you should make before choosing a school or program?
  • Are online classes right for you?

The 11 am Panel of Educational Providers includes representatives from:

Cañada College
Notre Dame de Namur University
Skyline College
UC Berkeley Extension

For more information and to register visit


Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, November 4 at 2:00 am, and that means our clocks will be set back an hour (“fall back”).

I will take this opportunity to let you know that it’s a good time to test smoke and CO (carbon monoxide) alarms in your home, and replace batteries if needed. Fresh batteries allow smoke and CO alarms to do their jobs saving lives by alerting families of a fire or a buildup of deadly carbon monoxide in their homes.

The US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) points out that two-thirds of fire deaths occur in homes where there are no smoke alarms (or no working smoke alarms). That’s one key reason it’s important to replace batteries at least once every year and to test your alarms every month to make sure they work. The CPSC recommends families have smoke alarms on every level of their home, outside bedrooms and inside each bedroom.

CO is called the “invisible killer” – it is a poisonous gas which is colorless and odorless, and because of this people may not know they are being poisoned. Carbon monoxide is produced by the incomplete burning of fuel in various products, including furnaces, portable generators, fireplaces, cars and charcoal grills. It’s very important to have working CO alarms in the home, on each level and outside each sleeping area. And by the way, as of July 1, 2011,  CO detectors are required in nearly all California homes (combination smoke/CO alarms are available).

And as long as we’re on the subject of disastrous fires, the Redwood City Fire Department would like to remind you that disaster preparation is something that everyone should think about – and now is a good time!

Disaster can strike quickly, without warning, and with devastating consequences. Preparing your family and home for a possible disaster – earthquake, flood, or fire, for example – can make a life-or-death difference.

The Redwood City Fire Department offers information and tips for disaster preparedness at There, you’ll find links and tips on putting together emergency kits, creating a disaster plan for your family, and more.

Plus, be sure to sign up for Redwood City’s CodeRED emergency notification system at, and consider organizing a free Are You Ready? two-hour emergency preparedness workshop for your group of 20 or more

In the event of a major disaster, public safety personnel will be on the scene but they cannot reach everyone right away. Therefore, the best way to ensure the safety of your family, home, and business is to be well-prepared before disaster strikes.

Ok, so there are three great disaster prep things for you: check your smoke/CO alarms, sign up for CodeRED, and consider an Are You Ready? workshop.



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