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Update: Construction on Middlefield near Theatre Way

Good afternoon –

I’d like to share with you the latest news on the culvert relocation work on Middlefield Road/Winslow Street near Theatre Way and the Middlefield Road parking lot. As you probably know, this is the first phase of work to prepare the way for next year’s construction of Redwood Tower, a mid-rise building for office and retail, which will be built on the site of the Middlefield parking lot (see the Redwood Tower web page).

  • Theatre Way is now OPEN to vehicles afternoons/evenings and weekends (pedestrian-only during weekdays until about 3 pm, to provide sufficient area for the contractor to work)
  • Theatre Way will be open to vehicles all day from December 24 – January 1, since the contractor will not be working during that period
  • All businesses are OPEN during construction, on Theatre Way and throughout Downtown – be sure to visit these businesses, and also see the Downtown Business Group’s website for info about many Downtown businesses   
  • Plenty of easy parking – see the parking map
    • Jefferson Avenue garage
    • Marshall Street garage
    • Sequoia Station garage
    • Main Street lot
    • Middlefield Road lot (enter the Middlefield lot only from the entrance nearest to Jefferson).
    • Tell your peninsula or south bay friends to use Caltrain to come meet you Downtown!
  • And remember, there is no through-traffic for vehicles on Middlefield/Winslow (pedestrians have full access)

Thanks – and be sure to visit the Redwood Tower web page for more information and updates.

~ malcolm


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