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Cat/Kitten Adoption Event

Good morning -I wanted to let you know about an upcoming cat/kitten adoption event, taking place this Sunday December 2 at San Mateo Pet Supply, 346 El Camino Real in Redwood City. This is brought to you by the Humanimal Connection, a nonprofit cat rescue organization in our community. If you’re considering getting a cat, please consider adoption from this group.


~ malcolm


Humanimal Connection’s Cat/Kitten Appreciation & Adoption Event

Humanimal Connection in partnership with San Mateo Pet Supply, announces a Cat/Kitten Appreciation & Adoption Sale. It takes place form 9 am to 7 pm, Sunday December 2 2012, and during this time adult pairs of cats are 2 for 1, and kittens are 25% off!

Yes… Humanimal Connection does have kittens!  But… have you ever thought about adopting adult cats?  Adult cats are great companions and come in all colors and sizes.   Adults are past the climbing curtains, climbing legs and wire chewing stage.  In Kittens – It’s all about them! Adults?  It’s all about you and giving the love!  Adults are well behaved, usually purr-y and loving sweet souls, very much in need of forever homes.

Many Humanimal Connection’s cats are lap cats, while a few just want the chance to prove how truly wonderful they are.  Won’t you consider adopting a bonded pair today?  They are already friends, no need for integration!  They keep each other company while you are away, engage and entertain you with their antics and enjoy loving and being loved.  Won’t you show your appreciation to these amazing, healthy and socialized cats by giving them a forever home with you?  Visit us at 346 El Camino Real, Redwood City (1 block north of Whipple Avenue) or call for more information at 888-538-9402. The Humanimal Connection website is http://humanimalconnection.comHumanimal

Connection is a 501c3 nonprofit, no-kill, cat rescue run entirely by volunteers. Humanimal Connection has been working since 1998 to facilitate healthy, helpful relationships between humans, animals, and the environment.



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