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Sandbags for Redwood City Residents

A quick note: if you are in a flood-prone area of Redwood City, you’ll want to know that sandbags are available to help with preventing flooding – these are for Redwood City residents only and there is a limit of 30 sandbags per household.
You can pick up filled sandbags in the parking lot of Redwood City’s Public Works Services building, 1400 Broadway (between Chestnut and Woodside).

Our Public Works Services and public safety staff will of course be monitoring the storm conditions closely. You can help by making sure the storm drains on your street are clear of leaves and other debris. It’d be great if someone on each street would take the responsibility to clean any debris and leaves that may be covering catch basins or inlets before the storms start, and then keep an eye on them through the weekend and clear them out if they become blocked. City crews are right now out inspecting and checking channels, creeks and storm drain inlets, but your help is needed throughout this series of storms. If you notice significant problems during the storms, you can contact Redwood City Public Works Services at (650) 780-7464.

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~ mlacolm


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