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Construction Boom in Redwood City

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I wanted to share with you the news release below, it’s all about the high number of construction projects that we’re experiencing in Redwood City right now – and how that’s going to continue in the coming years. This is good news for our local economy, and is going to result in a lot of new Downtown housing. Pretty exciting!
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“Construction Boom” Coming to Redwood City – The Excitement is Building!

Redwood City, CA – Redwood City is going to see a construction boom in 2013, as a variety of new building projects in and near Downtown get underway, adding to the excitement of several projects that are already in construction. This means increased housing around Downtown, along with new offices and retail, and the higher level of economic activity that these projects will support.

This is such an exciting time for Redwood City, as the future takes shape right before our eyes!” said Redwood City Mayor Alicia Aguirre. “Over the next several years, our community is going to see new construction on several sites Downtown. This shows that developers have great confidence in Redwood City, and that our local economy is gaining strength. I appreciate the community’s patience while these new projects are being built, and urge everyone to share in the excitement of what these developments mean for Redwood City.

While the many new residential units, offices, and retail will have a huge positive effect for the community, the construction impacts as the work takes place can be significant. As the projects get underway, there will be periodic lane closures and detours, construction noise and dust, and heavy equipment in the vicinity. The City will work closely with the developers and contractors to minimize the disruption, but some level of inconvenience at and near these locations is unavoidable.

Much of this new development can be attributed to the clear guidelines provided in the City’s Downtown Precise Plan, which helps developers design projects that are a good “fit” for our community. New residential units are predominant among the new projects: there are now about 950 new units planned or under construction Downtown, plus another 800 near Downtown. That means the housing stock Downtown is doubling, and when you add the near-Downtown units, it’s nearly tripling.

Among the notable projects either underway or in planning are:

  • 333 Main Street – 132 residential units (underway)
  • 201 Marshall Street – 116 residential units (underway)
  • 2580 El Camino Real – 141 residential units (underway)
  • 640 Veterans Boulevard – 264 residential units (underway)
  • One Marina – 231 residential units (underway)
  • Kaiser Permanente Hospital expansion (underway)
  • Sequoia Hospital addition (underway)
  • Redwood Tower office – Middlefield Rd./Winslow St. (breaks ground spring 2013)
  • 145 Monroe Street – 305 residential units  (proposal in process)
  • 490 Winslow Street – 66 residential units (proposal in process)
  • 525 Middlefield Road – 471 residential units (proposal in process)
  • 2808 El Camino Real – 45 assisted living residential units (proposal in process)

The Downtown and vicinity projects also include over 2,000 additional parking spaces for their tenants and workers, which will help to maintain the existing public parking throughout Downtown. The Redwood Tower project will replace all the spaces in the Middlefield Road parking lot (the project site), and add an additional 800 spaces for office workers’ use and public use evenings and weekends.

Information on these and other projects in Redwood City is online on the City’s Community GIS (geographic information systems) page, (click on “City Projects”).



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